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Description:  Andie's looking too hot in her boy shorts and tube top when she pops out those great natural tits and pulls down her tight shorts over that juicy apple bottom ass. She slowly slides a candy cane vibrator between her moist pussy lips and from the way she rubs those big lips you'd swear they're as orgasmic and sensitive as her clit!
Most orgasms in one day:  I can have a lot of orgasms. I can't do like one orgasm. Every time I have sex I have to have like at least 8 - 7 - around there - so it's been double digits.
Blowjob skills from 1 to 10:  I could be a 10 any day but I can also be a 1 so it all depends on if you've been a jerk.
Do you spit, swallow or avoid cum:  I have never swallowed. I just spit cause there's really no way of avoiding it.
Favorite sexual position:  All of the above. Whatever makes me do the deed is good by me.
Description:  Lena has got one of the greatest asses ever. She slowly strips off her RIOTgirls t-shirt and you can immediately tell how horny she is from her soaking wet pussy. She starts out teasing with the dildo and then starts to full on ride it and when she pulls it out you'll see all the creamy pussy juice covering her pussy lips!
Sign:  My sign is Taurus and it's amazing... bulls are the best.
Favorite movie:  All the ones with me in it.
What do you do with your free time:  At home I like to walk around naked... go to the gym... lay out and read.
Blowjob skills from 1 to 10:  If I had to rate myself I'd have to say like an eleven and a half. It's that good.
Are you an anal virgin:  I have had anal sex and I'm not a big fan of it. When I'm drunk it's amazing. I don't like having dicks in my ass but I definitely like having my ass licked. I like that.

Description:  Cutie Carli Banks shows off her natural tits and creamy pussy before inserting a big purple rubber cock in her tight slit. She slowly strips her skimpy black bikini teasing her swollen clit to get the juices flowing and then turns the vibrator on high, sending her love hole into sensory overload.

Sign:  Scorpio, Iím very sexual, passionate and feisty.
Favorite drink:  I love coronas, I can drink coranas all day. I like jeager bombs which make me aggressive. Cranberry and vodka and apple martinis.
One thing I can't live without:  Vibrators... I love vibrators. I can not go to sleep unless I get fucked or masturbate. I just love to cum and masturbate.
Blowjob skills from 1 to 10:  Two months ago I would rate myself a 6 or 7, but now I know how to deepthroat and swallow cum so I give myself a 9.

Description:  Jana Jordan looks so hot wearing her little boy shorts, tank top and cute knee socks. She gets horny jumping on the bed and decides she has to play with her wet pussy. Watching her peel her shorts off over that juicy ass is a sight to behold. Jana grabs her pink vibrator and shoves it in and out her tight pink pussy until she screams.

Favorite movie:  Who framed Roger Rabbit. I saw it when I was five and nothing can beat it.
Favorite curse word:  Fuck. You can use it as anything.
Wildest thing youíve done in public:  I had sex in my school parking lot on the roof of my car.
Are you an anal virgin:  I enjoy anal sex but have to be in the mood for it. I do like to get fucked in the ass occasionally.
Who would be in your celebrity threesome:  I have already had a celebrity threesome.

Description:  Jayme Langford is a red-headed cutie with a super creamy pink pussy. It's really hot watching her spread those legs revealing her big pussy lips and swollen clit. Jayme gives us a sexy striptease and grabs her golden vibrator for some real fun. This girl gets so fucking wet and only gets wetter each time she rams that vibrator up her pussy.

Favorite drink:  Iím from Maine and we drink a lot of beer so I like PBR, BudweiserÖ pretty much cheap domestic beer.
Eating pussy skills from 1 to 10:  An 8. Iím petty good eating pussy cuz I have a really long tongue.
One thing I can't live without:
  Red Bull and lip gloss.
Most orgasms in one day:  Itís more about the quality than the quantity but 4 with a girl.
What would you do if you won the lottery:  I would buy a huge piece of land and use it for wildlife conservation.
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